Success Stories

Jack Says...

The level of support at Immanuel is phenomenal. Whether your problem is academic or pastoral, there will always be someone there to listen to you. There is a great sense that everyone wants you to succeed and be the best that you can be, and they will help you every step of the way to achieve your goals. The post-16 common area is a vibrant and fun workplace for relaxed study, and I formed many great friendships there.

Subjects Studied:

Subjects Studied: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics (and AS French)

Current Position:

University of Liverpool, BsC Pharmacology

Mollie Says...

Why Immanuel College post 16 is a good place to study: There is always someone friendly to turn to. Every member of staff I approached over my time in post 16 was willing to give up their time to help me with anything I didn’t understand or needed help with. Applying for medicine was a long journey, but the post 16 staff were there every step of the way. The school’s links with different universities meant that there was the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the application process as well as university life in general through various trips and workshops.

Subjects Studied:

Biology, Chemistry, Maths, French (AS)

Current Position:

Second year medicine at University of St Andrews

Caitlin Says...

Immanuel was a great place to study as the teachers were all so supportive , they wanted you to do well and encouraged you to always aim for your full potential. At immanuel extra sessions were also always available, if you didn’t understand something there would always be someone on hand to stay back and help you to understand!

Subjects Studied:

Sociology , Sport and Finance.

Current Position:

Finance apprentice at Morrison’s

Rithik Says...

I personally went through many stressful moments in school and if it weren’t for the Post 16 team school would have been even harder. When it comes to applying for university, the Post 16 staff are incredible, they give you great advice when making decisions, they will prepare you fully for applications and the interviews. They go to ridiculous lengths to make sure that you are heading in the right direction and very importantly, they are always understanding and there for emotional support. I genuinely would not believe that I would be where I am now, without the amazing experiences I had at Immanuel College.

Subjects Studied:

BTECSport (AS), Mathematics,Biology and Physics

Current Position:

ArchitectureBEng,MEng, at the University of Leeds

Why I chose Immanuel College...

Stay Local. Go Further.

2020 Post 16 Prospectus

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