A Level Biology

Why Study?

You will develop an excellent understanding of physical, inorganic, and organic Chemistry, develop analytical skills, good work ethic, problem solving skills, effectively apply theory to practical situations and investigate problems, leading and working in a team as well as the and the ability to apply knowledge to new information. All of these skills are all transferable and will be highly desirable in the world of work or further education

Course Content

AS Level

3 units – 100% examination: 2 x 90 minute exams

Unit 1 – Physical Chemistry 1

Unit 2 – Inorganic chemistry 1

Unit 3 – Organic chemistry 1

A Level

3 units – 100% examination: 3 x 2 hour exams

3 units from AS Level plus:

Unit 1 – Physical Chemistry 2

Unit 2 – Inorganic chemistry 2

Unit 3 – Organic chemistry 2

Progression Routes

Highly thought after A Level by employers into all lines of work. Access to university to study, Chemistry, medicine, physiotherapy, Biochemistry, pharmacology, engineering, environmental science, chemical engineering.

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